Facebook Home Announced: Tablet Support in Couple Months

Today Facebook finally revealed their Facebook Home for Android. This is basically an Android home launcher that can be easily installed as app through the Google Play Store. Currently only select devices are compatible which includes the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, HTC One X, One X+, and HTC One. But they also announced the HTC First phone on AT&T which will be the first phone that comes pre-loaded with Facebook Home. 

What’s brilliant is that instead of trying to make a new phone an Android home launcher is the easiest way that Facebook can get their experience on phones. Watching the live feed there are some nice features of the launcher which include chat heads for messaging with your friends. It stays on top of your current applications, includes a picture chat head of the friends, and let’s you easily have multiple chats at once. You lock screen will now show full size pictures of your friends cover photo and their updates. If you are a big fan of Facebook then you will definitely like the new Facebook Home. It will be available on April 12th for download.

During the announce it was also revealed that there is definite plans to bring this launcher to tablets. But that looks to be in the near future and estimated in a couple of months. That’s actually exciting because many people may not want the launcher on their phone but a tablet might be a better suited. Also with the large screen of tablets, the pictures and lock screen will look much nicer. For more info and details checkout the link below and be sure to let us know what you think.

Introducing Home

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