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Launcher are one of the coolest features of Android which let’s you customize your phone’s homescreen experience. A new launcher can make your phone feel completely different and new. There are many launchers in the Play Store from minimalism, 3D, iPhone, Windows 8, and much more. In order to help users with all these options we’ve decided to compile some of the most popular launcher for you in one convenient page with links to free and paid versions. We’ll keep the page updated and if there is any launcher you’d like to see on the list just drop us a comment.  

Android 4.0+

Apex Launcher: One of the better and highly customizable launchers in my opinion. I have found this launcher to be very fast and gives your device a nice AOSP look to it. You can find the full review of the app here.

Apex Launcher | Apex Launcher Pro ($3.99)

Atom Launcher: Atom is a new launcher with a minimalism design in mind. It offers exclusive artistic widgets like clock, Memo, Calendar, Contact, and Search bar. There are gestures along with smart folder and themes. If you are looking for something different than the standard launcher then definitely give this a try.

Atom Launcher

Fake iPhone 5: The name says it all folks, enough said.

Fake iPhone 5

Holo Launcher HD: This is a newer launcher designed after Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. It’s currently my favorite launcher and the one I use on my Galaxy S3. Full review of the app can be found here. Accompanying the app there is also Holo Locker which will replace your lockscreen to Jelly Bean style with notifications. This launcher will overall give you a very Jelly Bean look specially if you are on a TouchWiz or Sense interface.

Holo Launcher HD | Holo Launcher Plus ($2.99) | Holo Locker |  Holo Locker Plus ($1.99)

Nova Launcher: This is one of the most popular launcher in the Play Store with over 1 million downloads. It is very customizable and fast with many effects and support for themes. The paid version gives you many extra features but definitely try the free version first and see how it works on your device.

Nova Launcher | Nova Launcher Prime ($4.00)

Android 2.0+

Big Launcher: This is the launcher for your grandparents, seniors and those with eye problems. Big fonts everywhere and features an SOS button as well. Just what the doctor ordered.

Big Launcher Demo | Big Launcher ($10.00)

Chameleon Launcher for Tablets: This a exclusive tablet launcher but a phone version is coming soon as well. It is unique in that it lets you create multiple home screens, each with your own layout of widgets and apps. There is also custom built widgets as well.

Chameleon Launcher for Tablets ($3.99)

Espier Launcher: An iOS style launcher with over a 1 million downloads. Customizable with many themes and options.

Espier Launcher 

Go Launcher EX: This is one of the first and oldest launcher with over 50 million downloads. It has an insane number of themes that are also been used by other launchers. If you want an endless number of themes and customization then this might be your launcher. It is still updated regularly and support Android 2.0 and up.

Go Launcher EX

Phonotto Simple Phone Seniors: If you don’t want your grandparents or seniors to get confused by their phone then this is your launcher. Big fonts with options to call and text. Makes it simple, don’t it, like the old days.

Phonotto Simple Phone Seniors

Smart Launcher: A minimalistic launcher with unique icons, low memory, and user-friendly. It features a quick start menu and category app drawer.

Smart Launcher | Smart Launcher Pro ($3.59)

Launcher 8: If you want the look and feel of the Windows 8 Metro apps then give this unique launcher a try. It is customizable and lets you have tiled apps like Windows 8 phone.

Launcher 8

MiHome Launcher: MIUI is a custom ROM developed for rooted devices that mimics the iOS look and feel. Now the team has developed a launcher for all Android devices. If you want an iOS like experience on your Android then give this launcher a try.

MiHome Launcher

Trigger: A highly personalized gesture based launcher.

Trigger Limited | Trigger ($1.99)

Unity Launcher: If you like Ubuntu and want it on your Android then try this launcher. It has a unique side edge app launcher like the desktop Ubuntu.

Unity Launcher Free | Unity Launcher ($1.99)

Vire Launcher: Brand new launcher on the scene with cool 3D effects and currently free.

Vire Launcher

Zeam Launcher: An easy to use and minimalistic launcher.

Zeam Launcher

Android 1.6+

ADW.Launcher: ADW is one of the older and most popular launchers with over 5 millions downloads. It’s also one of the few that has support always down to Android 1.6 software. It has been recently updated after a long break and is now up to par with some of the other popular launchers. Highly customizable with support for themes and all the bells and whistle you would expect from a great launcher.

ADW.Launcher | ADWLauncher EX ($3.00)

Lighting Launcher Home: From the name you can guess that the launcher claims to be very fast. The launcher also can lets you place items everywhere on the desktop, not only to the left or right sides, but also on pages above and below. So you have lots of space for all your customization

Lighting Launcher Home

3D Launchers

MXHome Launcher: A 3D style launcher with dynamic 3D G-sensor movements. It has over 1 million downloads and it’s free so definitely a good one to try if you want to try out 3D effects.

MXHome Launcher

Next Launcher 3D: This is a 3D launcher developed by the Go Launcher Dev Team.  It is very expensive for a launcher and there is no free version so you have the 15 min refund to decide if you like it or not. I would try this if it’s exactly what you want.

Next Launcher 3D ($15.99)

SPB Shell 3D: Another 3D launcher with unique arrangement and dimension of your homescreen. Priced high in the same range as the other 3D launchers.

SPB Shell 3D ($14.95)

TSF Shell: This launcher is different than your ordinary launcher and claims a unique graphical interface. You can do all kinds of customization and funky arrangement not possible on other launchers. Definitely interesting but comes at a high cost.

TSF Shell ($16.81)

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