KindleFree: Kindle Fire Launcher App, Google Apps, and More

The Kindle Fire is a great device and offers many features from Amazon. But no doubt that it’s a very locked device that doesn’t let you do many of the typical Android customizations. But once you root your Kindle Fire then you have a host of many new options. But some of those basic options would be to install a new launcher and get access to the Google Play Store and apps. Luckily Stephen has put together a neat little app that can do many of those customization all together.

The KindleFree app will let you install one of several launchers and disable the standard homescreen. You an also install the Google Play Store along with Google apps. Another great feature is that the app can also disable the Amazon lockscreen ads. That feature is part of the pro version which costs $1.99 but that is a considerable saving from the $15 to disable the ads from Amazon. The app has been fully tested on the Kindle Fire HD and may work for other 2nd generation Kindles. If you have a rooted Kindle Fire HD then definitely give this a try and let us know how it’s working. If you can’t access the Play Store then you grab the app apk from here and sideload it on the Kindle Fire.

Download: KindleFree (free)

Download: KindleFree ($1.99)

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Arash Soheili

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