Android APK Apps Download

We are providing this page as service to users who need access to Google APK files download or other apps. For clarity, an APK file is equivalent to the executable file on windows. Downloading and clicking on an APK file on your mobile device will install the app. There may be many reasons why you would need to install an app by using the APK rather than the official Google Play Store. The app may not be officially available in your country or you may not have access to the Play Store. The latter reason is one of the main issues on the Kindle Fire since officially it cannot access the Google Play Store without root.

All the apps below are free apps and is not meant to get around paying for apps. The list will be maintained regularly and updated with the latest version of the app. If there is a certain app that you need just leave a comment and we will make all attempts to provide the APK file if possible. Remember that not all apps will work or install on any device. It is still recommended that you use the official Play Store for installing apps and this is meant only as a last resort. If you need instructions on installing the apps then follow the guide here.

Latest Google Apps

Camera | Calendar | Chrome | Dialer |  Drive | Gmail | Google+ | Google Voice | Google Play Books | Google Play Newsstand | Google Play Movies and TV | Google Play Music  | Google Play Store | Hangouts | Keep | Search | Maps | YouTube | Google Account Manager  | Google Services Framework | Google Play Services | Google Now Launcher

Apps for Kindle Fire

Google Play Services |Google Service Framework 4.04 | Google Login Service |  Google Play Store 4.3.10 | Vending.apk | Google+ 3.5 | KindleFree | Kindle Fire xSettings | SuperSU | Instagram

Other Apps

AirDroid 2Dropbox | ES File Explorer | Dish Anywhere | Dolphin BrowserFirefoxOpera Mini | XFinity Player