Root Galaxy Note 10.1

Well Christmas has come to an end and you might be the owner of a brand new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. It’s a tablet that I own and use to make notes replacing my paper notebook. Now, with most Android devices that I own I immediately root them. Android is already very useful and it’s not necessarily but it does make your phone and tablet a lot more powerful. You can install certain apps that require root access and you can also try different software then what came originally with you tablet. Either way we are going to cover how to root Galaxy Note 10.1 and start having fun. 

First is my disclaimer that I did not in any way discover this root method and the original info can be found on XDA. I’m writing this post because the method I found required some modifications so I hope to make it easier for other users who are following this method. Rooting your tablet is fairly easy and should take less than 10 minutes of your time. But do remember that anything you do is your responsibility and no one is to blame but you. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to it.

First, head on over to AndroidRoot.Org and carefully watch this video and download the required zip file. You’ll also need to have Samsung drivers installed if you are connecting your first Samsung device to your PC. The instructions below are based on the video but have some minor modifications that I found necessary to get everything to work right.

  1. Copy CWM-SuperSU-v0.94 from the extracted zip file to your tablet. Root directory is fine.
  2. Go into download mode but pressing and holding down power+volume down at the same time.
  3. Press volume up to continue.
  4. Start odin from the extracted zip file.
  5. Connect your tablet to you PC via USB cable.
  6. Make sure you tablet is recognized with the yellow bar and a com port number (any number is fine).
  7. Make sure that Auto Reboot is unchecked.
  8. Click PDA button and pick the HighOnAndroidCWMRecoveryGN8000 file from extracted zip file
  9. Click start button
  10. Should get a green bar indicating successful flash of recovery.
  11. Disconnect your tablet from the computer
  12. While still in download mode press and hold power+volume up till you see the Galaxy Note 10.1 sign then let go of power but keep holding volume up.
  13. You should now be rebooted in ClockworkMod recovery.
  14. Use the volume keys to navigate to install from sdcard.
  15. Navigate to the  CWM-SuperSU-v0.94 file that you copied earlier and press power.
  16. Scroll up to the yes option and press power.
  17. You are now rooted. Go back and choose reboot option.

root Galaxy Note 10.1

At this point your Galaxy Note 10.1 is rooted. You don’t have to do anything else but the issue is that the ClockworkMod that we used to get root is erased back to stock. This is due to the new firmware that flashes stock recovery every time you reboot. The custom recovery is needed if you want to back up your system, flash rom, or do any other modifications. If you are not planning on doing any of those things then you are rooted and done. But if you do want custom recovery then I suggest installing TWRP recovery which at this point is considered the best recovery.

TWRP can be easily installed using the GooManager app since we have root access. Install the app and when you open it make sure to give it root permission. Go to setting and choose Install OpenRecoveryScript option. It will download and automatically install TWRP recovery. That’s it and now you have custom recovery. You can access TWRP by choosing Reboot recovery from the GooManager app or pressing and holding power+volume up button at the same time. Root access and custom recovery is all you need for any Android modification. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or problems.


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