How to Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire HDX

Just a day ago root access was achieved on the Kindle Fire HDX and usually what comes next is the Google Play Store since that’s one of the main reasons for rooting. Unfortunately Amazon has gone to great length to try and prevent Google Play Store installation on the newest HDX devices. Previously it was fairly easy to simple install a few files and have both Amazon services and Play Store working without any issues. It has become more complicated now as you can have one or the other working but not at the same time. Although developers are working on it and it won’t be long before that problems is solved. But in the meanwhile we can access Play Store in different ways and I have compiled the information below. 

The best method to get Google Play Store working on your Kindle Fire HDX is outlined below. It will require root access and installation of Safestrap by Haschcode.

As always, any modifications is done at your own risk and no one’s responsible for your device except you.

  1. Make sure your devices is rooted. Follow our guide here.
  2. Install Safestrap by Haschcode ( and create a new rom slot (video tutorial).
  3. Either restore a backup of your stock OS or use the Hashcode stock OS provided in previous #2 link.
  4. Boot into the new rom slot created,
  5. Download and follow the instructions from this link to install the Play Store with working Amazon services.

As developers make more progress I’ll be updating this page. If you have any questions then leave a comment.

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Arash Soheili

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