Yahoo! Mail: New Tablet Layout

It looks like Yahoo is finally getting with the times albeit slowly. Today they finally updated their mail app which adds a whole new layout for tablets. That’s a welcome change and a needed one to compete with Gmail, Microsoft , and others. I’m a big Gmail user and I bet many who have a Yahoo mail account are getting their mail through the Gmail app. But now you may consider going back to using Yahoo Mail app and see how you like.


The new Yahoo Mail for tablet layout looks like many of the other email apps with a pane on the left and the main email on the right. Touching any of the email on the left-pane with show the email on the right. But one thing that is different in this app is a full-screen mode. It’s a nice feature that is not present in many of the other email apps.

Once you are in full-screen mode then everything gets a bit simpler and the email becomes the focus. All icons and buttons go away but tapping on the screen will bring up a floating bar for the usual reply and other functions. You can swipe left and right to move through your mail. It’s definitely a different experience reading your email this way.


But is all the change enough to get people to use the app more often. I’m sure there are many Yahoo Mail users who will be very happy with the update. But there maybe others who have moved own and are probably not going to go back. But do checkout the app and let us know what you think.

Google Play Store link: Yahoo! Mail

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Arash Soheili

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