Universal ADB Driver for Windows

If you do a lot of rooting and installing custom ROM on your phone or tablet then you probably had to use ADB at some point. That’s the Android Debug Bridge which is a command line emulator for Android devices. It let’s you do many things including rebooting into fastboot, recovery, and root privileges. But a main issue with ADB is always been that you need specific drivers for your device. Now thanks to Android developer Koushik Dutta and the folks at XDA that problem has been solved.

Koush with the help of XDA members has now been able to releas a universal drivers which even works on Windows 8. You heard that right, a universal driver. No longer do you need to find the specific driver for your phone or tablet from the manufacturer. This is certainly a huge help for developers who are testing on multiple devices. But it’s also great for the average person who tinkers with their phone as well.  Either way this is a great step forward and should make like easier for everyone. The driver is also open source and on Github as well.

Universal ADB Driver download

Github source code

Source: Koush(G+)


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