Top 5 Kindle Fire Social Apps

The world is getting more and more connected these days and social apps are one of the main reasons. Everyday people are designing innovative news ways for people to connect and share their ideas and thoughts. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the latest new trends and apps. Today we cover some of the best and most popular social apps for your Kindle Fire HD.

1. Pinterest

Pinterst is one of the new social apps on the block and it has quickly become very popular. The app and site lets you pin your favorite images from the web creating beautiful collages. People can then follow your Pinterest as you can with others. You can comment, share, and like people’s pin. It’s a great way to discover the web and find interesting new topics through images.

Amazon Appstore link: Pinterest

2. TweetCaster

Twitter is still the best source for getting the instant news and reaction from the web. Although there is an official Twitter app for Kindle Fire, if you are a serious Twitter use then we suggest TweetCaster. The app supports multiple accounts and has a beautiful interface. There are tons of options and customization like visual themes, filters, font sizes, colors, and notification frequencies. This is an app for users who want to get the most out of Twitter on the go.

Amazon Appstore link: TweetCaster for Twitter (and Facebook)

3. Kik Messenger

Who doesn’t free to text for free. There are a few text apps in the Appstore but Kik is one of the better ones to try. First it’s cross-platform which means you can text with anyone on Android or Apple. It supports instant notification, group chatting, and picture sharing. It’s also fast, free, and includes no ads. Sounds like a winner to me.

Amazon Appstore link: Kik Messenger


4. BaconReader for Reddit

Reddit is another one of the newer and popular social apps and sites on the internet. The interface is plain and simple text and links. User submit either links or text and people vote them up and down. The more votes then the better chance you make the Reddit front page or topic page. It’s basically a bulletin board system generated by users. BaconReader is one of the better apps to use for Reddit. It supports full user profile, color coded comment thread, and easy access to subreddits. Definitely one of the best Reddit apps.

Amazon Appstore link: BaconReader for Reddit


5. Instafire – Instagram Client

The popularity of Instagram was obvious when Facebook bought it for 1 billion dollars. The app let’s you take pictures then apply special filters that turn out beautiful and interesting images. But the real fun is that people can subscribe and follow your pictures as you can do with others. Now there is no official Instagram app for Kindle Fire and thus we are left with Instagram clients. Instafire is one of those better apps but it because it’s not official it does have limitations. You must have previously already have an account to use the app and it won’t let you upload or share pics. The app will let you only see pictures, like, and comment. That is limiting but it’s the only choice without an official app from Instagram. But if you are a big fan of Instagram then this might be worth it.

Amazon Appstore link: Instafire – Instagram Client


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