Top 5 Kindle Fire HD Productivity Apps

The Kindle Fire HD is a great tablet for entertainment purposes like watching movies, listening to music, or reading books. But you can definitely do a lot more with a Kindle Fire HD and many times getting some work done becomes very important. That’s why today we cover some of the top apps that will help you become much more productive on a Kindle Fire HD. So let’s checkout out the list after the break.

1. Dropbox

Everything is moving to the cloud these days and Dropbox is one of the better cloud storage systems. I’ve been using it for a while now and have totally moved everything online. Specially with the limited storage of tablet devices Dropbox make it easy to access all your documents anytime without using your internal storage. A great feature of Dropbox is that it syncs across all devices including your PC. It also has an automatic picture upload so any pictures on your Kindle Fire immediately get stored on Dropbox and available on all your other devices. If you have a Kindle Fire HD then you should definitely should use Dropbox and eliminate the need to transfer anything to your Kindle Fire.

Amazon Appstore link: Dropbox

2. OfficeSuite Professional 7

Just because Microsoft Office is not available for Android doesn’t mean you can’t access or create Office documents. OfficSuite let’s you open, edit, and save Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. There is also a PDF viewer and integration with Google Docs. Although not as powerful as the full Office program it definitely has enough features to get the job done.

Amazon Appstore link: OfficeSuite Professional 7


3. ezPDF Reader

Almost any documents you deal with these days will be in PDF format and thus a good reader is very important. Although the original Adobe Reader for Kindle Fire HD is available, I have found ezPDF Reader to be a much better app. It has better options like viewing single pages versus continuous along with voice reading, test reflow, PDF forms, scroll lock, auto fit zoom, and more. I also prefer the annotation options in eZPDF with a stylus as well.

Amazon Appstore link: ezPDF Reader [50% OFF]


4. Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop

Even though a tablet can do a lot, there are times when you just need your PC for a special program or other function. In these cases you can connect to your PC with a remote desktop app and access everything on your computer using Splashtop 2. If you connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your Kindle Fire then it’s basically the same as having your entire PC right on your tablet with access to all your files and programs. A great option that will definitely add to your production.

Amazon Appstore link: Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop


5. Any.DO: To do list | Task list

We are all super busy each day and trying to keep up with the day’s task can be hard at times. Many times you forget to reply to an email or call someone back. That’s where Any.DO comes in to keep you on track. This is by far one of the best to do and task list apps. You can organize by date, or home and work. There are options for notes on each task along with a reminder. What I also like is that it can syn across all your devices which really makes it useful. They have a Chrome plugin which also integrates with your Gmail and let’s you quickly add task right from Gmail or the browser. Download Any.DO and never fall behind again on your tasks.

Amazon Appstore link: Any.DO: To do list | Task List


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