AirDroid: Connect Wirelessly Android to PC

Managing your information and files on your phone and tablet becomes increasingly hard as we use our devices more often. If you are a heavy use of your mobile device then you tend to store files, videos, and pictures that need to be transferred. There are several methods including the simple USB connecting your device to PC. But everything is moving towards the cloud and wireless solution are becoming more common. That’s why one of the best ways to manage all your files is to use AirDroid which connects your mobile device to your PC through the browser. But AirDroid does so much so let’s get to the details.


First, connecting your Android device to your PC through the browser is very easy. Simply run the app on your Android device then go to and enter the code from your device or simply scan the QR code. That’s it, now your are connected. AirDroid is not just for file transfer as it lets you do quite a bit.

  • SMS – Receive, send, forward or delete SMS messages.
  • Apps - Install, uninstall, backup, search apps and do batch processing.
  • Photos - Preview, delete, upload, download, set as wallpaper and photos slide show from desktop.
  • Clipboard - Share clipboard text between desktop and device.
  • Contacts - Group, search, create contacts, check and delete call logs.
  • Ringtones - Search, preview, upload, download, delete and customize ringtones for phone calls, notifications and alarms.
  • Music - Play, search, upload, download, delete, or set as phone call, notification and alarm ringtones.

AirDroid also let’s you access all your files with the ability to transfer easily between PC and Android. It fully supports operations like cut, copy, rename, send/share, delete, and more. Another bonus is that if you have a rooted device then you can view your screen in real-time and take screenshots. The app has lots of features and with a great interface. It’s definitely one of favorite and most used apps. Checkout AirDroid and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Google Play Store link: AiDroid

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