Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel

The Samsung line of devices like the Galaxy Note 2 and Note 10.1 tablet are great for note taking. These device use special sensors embedded beneath the screen that are different then the standard stylus that you can buy. The S pen in these device are super thin at about 1 mm and allow great feel and control for notes and drawing. But one big criticism is the cheap plastic feel and look of the S pen. Many people would like a more high quality pen that they could use with their device. Now Wacom has announced the Bambu Stylus Feel which bring that high quality pen in a good price.

The Bamboo Stylus Feel will work with many devices like the Galaxy Note 10.1 and other compatible devices. There are two types of pens that include a matte finish or a carbon fiber construction. The matte finish pens can be had in both black and white for $39.95 while the carbon fiber comes in only black for $79.95. These are really nice looking pens that should give you more of that professional look and feel. They are currently available at the Wacom website and ready for shipping.

Purchase from Wacom: Bamboo Stylus Feel

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