Google News: New Tablet Layout

Google has been very busy updating its apps to support tablets which makes sense since the release of the Nexus 10 tablet. Yesterday we saw Google Currents get updated with a brand new look and much improved experience. Although there isn’t a Google News app, the webpage has a new look and navigation when viewing on a tablet. I would much prefer a dedicated Google News app but at least it’s not being completely ignored by Google. If you navigate to Google News page on your tablet there will be some notifications showing you the new navigation.

Google News

In the new design the news sections are on the top rather than the left sidebar. Moving from one section to the other is accomplished by swiping the screen left or right. Each story has a Explore in depth link below the article. This will bring up additional information on the topic like videos, pictures, and other news sources. Videos are viewed as a pop-out on the same page. While viewing the in depth mode, you can swipe left or right to move to the next or previous story in that sections. You can exit the in-depth mode by clicking on one of the news sections on the top bar. Overall the new design is great but I did find it to be a bit slower. I think the next logical step is to make an app. Not sure why this hasn’t been done but it could just be a priority issue. Checkout the new Google News design on tablet and let us know what you think.

Google News Link

Google News

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