ProxyDroid: Global Proxy on Kindle Fire

Recently I decided to take my Kindle Fire to work in order to do some reading at lunch. I was also planning on reading some work related articles along with note taking. To my surprise as I tried to set up my WiFi internet connection I was unable to add any proxy information which makes the connection useless. Most work places use a proxy so it’s necessary for any device at work. At first I thought this was just an issue with the Kindle Fire but it seems that it’s actually the Android Gingerbread software that doesn’t support proxy. This has been resolved with the latest Android 4.0 software and thus my phone can connect fine. But thankfully with open source Android there is always a solution. After some research and testing I found ProxyDroid which made connecting via proxy super easy.

ProxyDroid is super easy to use but you’ll need to download it from the Google Play Store as it’s not available on Amazon Appstore. This means that you either have to be rooted or sideload the app. Once you have it installed, ProxyDroid has a few nice features which makes it easy to use. You can create different profiles in cases where you will connect to multiple different proxies. After setting up the proxy host name and port than enable the proxy and it will run in the background. One other option and my favorite is the ability to have it automatically connect the proxy to a specific network. This way it can turn on automatically when you connect at work but turn off when you connect at home. Overall a great app that is easy to use and lets you make the most of your Kindle Fire at home and now for work.

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Arash Soheili

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