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The Kindle Fire is no doubt a powerful device even though it is pre-loaded with Amazon’s own user interface with some restrictions. In order to get the most out of the device you need to be rooted which opens up a whole new world. First, you can have access to the Google Play Store with its larger app collection compared to the Amazon Appstore. But even better is the ability to change the software and interface of the Kindle Fire with custom roms like the latest Android 4.0 software. Previously I had discussed the Energy ROM in this blog but today I will cover all the new ICS ROMS that are available for the Kindle Fire.

Below is a list of the latest collection of ICS ROMS available for the Kindle Fire. I have included the latest ROMS and left out some of the older and outdated. Visit the XDA Kindle Fire development page to find all the ROMS including rooting guides and more. Please leave a comment or email through the contact page if you think there are any serious omission or have any questions.

List of the latest Jelly Bean ROMs for Kindle Fire can be found here.

EyeCandy-Kindle Edition- v3.6-BETA

This is CM9 ROM using the Aroma Installer and Apex Launcher. The Aroma installer allows many options during the flash process which allows you to install and customize the ROM to your liking. It also uses the Apex Launcher which I’m a big fan and have been using on my phone and tablet. Check the changelog on the thread for more details.

Source: [XDA]

Glazed ICS 3.0 Kernel

This is a CM9 based ROM with custom tweaks and customization. Many of the customization can be download and flashed on top of the ROM. Check the link for specific details.

Source: [XDA]

CM9 based on SGT7

This is another CM9 ROM with custom modification. This ROM was originally on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the developer has ported it to the Kindle Fire. Check the thread for more details.

Source: [XDA]

AOKP KF Edition Milestone 6

This ROM is a AOKP milestone 5 and using the latest Hashcode 3.0 kernel. This is the most updated AOKP ROM and my suggestion if you want to try a Kang ROM. It’s mostly a stock Kang but with some minor bug fixes and modifications. Check the thread for more details.

Source: [XDA]

gedeROM v1.7

This is a CM9 Android 4.04 build using the latest Hashcode 3.0 kernel with modifications and tweaks. One of modification is the ability to have fullscreen mode by hiding the status bar. Other tweaks include CPU overclocking to 1.2Ghz, beats audio, ad blocking, new battery icons, and Google apps. The build.prop has also been modified to allow more app compatibility in the Google Play Store. The developer boasts significant increased battery life on this ROM. Remember that you should only flash using TWRP recovery. Overall looks like another nice addition of ICS ROM to the Kindle Fire.

Source: [XDA]

Energy ICS CM9 3.0 Kernel / Lightly Themed

This is another CM9 ICS ROM but Kang themed. It has the usual ICS ROM issues like HW acceleration but it’s very smooth. A full review with pics and link can be found in a previous post.

Vanilla CM9 for Kindle Fire

This ROM is a straight CM9 build and as the title suggest it has no modifications. Actually the only change is the volume slider in the status bar and it is build using Hashcode’s latest kernel. So if you’re looking for a base CM9 build then this is the one to try.

Source: [XDA]

Simple CM9

The name says it all. Check the thread for more details.

Source: [XDA]

HellFire Kindle Sandwich v1.3 4.04

This is a CM9 based ROM with developer tweaks and options using the intersectRaven kernel. Some modification include a custom boot animation, custom lock screen, ram optimization and more. The ROM also includes Google apps, Titanium Backup, File manager, CM music app theme, and more. Hit the source link for more info and download.

Source: [XDA]

Pure AOKP ICS with Hashcode 3.0 Kernel

This is a stock AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) ROM with Haschcode 3.0 kernel added. Currently the two major ICS builds are CyanogenMod and Kang that are both based on ICS AOSP (Android Open Source Project). They are both fast and similar but Kang is further along with more modifications and tweaks. Most developers take the base CyanogenMod or Kang and further tweak or customize them in their ROM. So what we have here a a base Kang ROM with no modifications.

Most previous ICS builds have used older Android kernels which lacks many features including hardware acceleration that affects some games and HD video playback. Hashcode has been working hard building a Kindle Fire kernel that includes the latest features including HW acceleration. Great progress has been made and users report successful HD video playback on this ROM. Hit the source link below for more details on the ROM and to download.

Source: [XDA]

Unofficial CM9 Build

This ROM is a pure CyanogenMod build with no modifications. The ROM does not include the Hashcode kernel and thus HW acceleration doesn’t work along with WiFi location service. This is a good ROM to try if you want to see how a base ICS software looks and feels.

Source: [XDA]

CM9 Reloaded v1.2

This ROM is an ICS CM9 with further modifications and tweaks with some of Hashcode kernel. This is typical of most ROMS and that have some UI changes and tweaks by the developer to make it different from other ROMS. Some of the extra features and tweaks include:

- OC to 1.3GHz
- APEX launcher
- Play music, books, and movies included
- Maps + Street view included
- Themed with the standard ICS blue color in ALL apps and extras
- ROM Toolbox (use this for file manager)
- Titanium backup
- ICS Direct port sounds
- Increased battery life (wifi supplicant scan = 150)

Source: [XDA]

Classicnerd Butta ICS

The Classicnerd team has mainly developed ICS ROM for the HP Touchpad and this is an attempt by Krunk_Kracker to port that ROM to the Kindle Fire.  The is an AOSP based ROM that uses some CM tweaks along with bits of Hashcode and iterceptRaven kernel. The ROM features pretty cool boot animation, unlock screen, and wallpaper. HW acceleration and USB mass doesn’t work as is the case with most of the ICS ROMS. But definitely a very cool ROM and worth a look at on the Kindle Fire.

Source: [XDA]

Source: [] 4.0.3-2.3.30 Ice Cream Sandwiched

The MIUI is a very popular ROM that has been developed for many Android phones and devices. It was originally developed by Xiaomi Tech in China and converted to different languages. It has a very different UI then most Android software and mimics the iPhone interface. It also comes with its own additional apps like Talk, Notes, Gallery, File Manager, and more. Personally I’m not a fan but many people disagree and love the ROM specially the custom apps. The ROM has been ported to the Kindle Fire but has the usual problems with HW acceleration and USB mass storage. If you have never seen or heard of MIUI then give it a try on the Kindle Fire.

Source: [XDA]

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