OTA RootKeeper: Watch Amazon Video on Rooted Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a great tablet that connects seamlessly with all of Amazon products like books, music and videos. If you use those services then the Kindle Fire is a great tablet to use and enjoy reading books and watching movies. But the device is much more powerful once it has been rooted giving access to the Android Market and other Google services. But being rooted is not a reason to want to lose the easy connectivity with the Amazon services. Unfortunately Amazon has built-in a check to prevent watching Amazon Video if the device is rooted. But thanks to the developer community of Android that problem is easily solved.

To use the Amazon Video services with a rooted Kindle Fire requires a temporary un-root. That might sound like a difficult task since you went through the trouble of rooting in the first place. But thanks to Android developer Supercurio it couldn’t be any easier than two simple clicks. The app is called OTA RootKeeper and it functions to backup your root in case a OTA update breaks root. But once backed up there is also the option for temporary un-root which is the requirement for Amazon Video and possible other apps.

In order to get Amazon Video to work you’ll need to force stop the app through the application menu in setting and clear the cache. Then run OTA RootKeeper and click on Protect Root. After the root backup, click on Temp un-root then proceed to enjoy your Amazon Video. You can go back and get root again without disturbing Amazon Video. This app is also important to backup your root in case Amazon pushes a OTA update that breaks root. Well there you have it, an easy one click method to enjoy Amazon Video while rooted with no hassle.

Download: OTA RootKeeper

OTA RootKeeper for Kindle Fire


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