Dragon, Fly!: How Long Can You Outrun Dragon Mum

Dragon, Fly! is a simple game that is fun, addictive and challenging. It is similar to the Tiny Dragons game on iOS but with a different plot. The premise is that you are a baby dragon that can’t fly but that won’t stop you from leaving home. Luckily the landscape is full of hills that you can use to take off but hurry because dragon mum is always close behind.

Dragon, Fly! features simple one touch control which makes it easy to start playing and having fun. The landscape is full of hills and touching the screen makes the dragon dive and gain speed down the hill. When you reach the bottom of the hill, releasing your touch will make the dragon soar through the sky. If you can catch the hill perfectly then it’s a “swoosh” and performing 3 of those in a row ignites “Fire Mode” which doubles all points. There is also “Skyfly” in which you can soar to the highest point if you gain enough speed. Along the way there are diamonds to collect and potions which make you faster but you have to decide if it’s worth slowing down.

As you move through the level there are different realms each with their own color scheme hills and fresh landscapes are generated everyday. Each level requires a different combinations of skills to accomplish like collecting a certain number of diamonds or “Swooshing” a certain number of times. Your dragon can be upgraded by buying skills and reaching new levels. Scores can be uploaded so you can compete with the best of them in the world. I found myself trying to get better and mastering flight which was not easy. It takes time to get the timing right and understand the best way to fly the dragon. Since each level requires different skills there is plenty of challenges.

Overall the game is simple and repetitive but it becomes addictive and fun. The graphics look great on a tablet and the developers claim 60 fps on high end devices. I didn’t notice any lags at all and everything played very smoothly. So checkout Dragon, Fly! and find out how long you can fly before dragon mum catches up.

Download for $1.99 from the Android Market.

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