Android Cowboy is a blog that was started in September of 2011 with the goal of reaching out to Android tablet users. At the time the android tablet market was very low compared to the iPad but has been growing ever since. Android Cowboy is one of only a few blogs that concentrate on tablet news including the Kindle Fire. The blog covers app reviews, news, and general info about tablet with many of the traffic coming from Kindle Fire owners. Since it’s inception the site has grown tremendously in audience and web traffic. Android Cowboy is a unique brand that has been growing with the tablet market and we are very involved in all social media. Info regarding social media and web traffic are as follows:

Web Traffic: 25,000 unique visitors and 71,000 page views per month

Twitter: 660+

Google+: 2500+

Facebook: 1200+

Kindle Fire Community page: 1,000+ members

If you want to reach a specific audience of Android tablet users, including Kindle Fire owners, then Android Cowboy  provides a unique advertising opportunity. Ads are non-rotating single ads on a monthly basis. Various forms of payment including PayPal are accepted.  Ad options are as follows:

Header Ad


  • Ad in the top header next to our logo
  • Visible in all pages
  • Up to 728px width
  • Best value

Sidebar Ad


  • ad in the sidebar
  • Visible in single post or archive/category pages
  • Up to 330px width
  • Great value

We’ll also consider custom advertising requests. Please use the form below for all your advertising request and queries.