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arash-soheiliI () decided to start this blog in September of 2011 because I wanted to be part of the Android community and help Android tablets reach their full potential. My formal training is in organic chemistry but I have always been interested in computers and technology since I was young. I grew up in Maryland/D.C. area and also spent many years in New York City, which is my favorite place. I started this site when I was living in Dallas for a couple of yars and hence the inspiration for the name of the blog.

I’m working hard everyday to make sure that this blog provides the best quality for all visitors. I strive to cover the most relevant and newest apps for tablet owners in comprehensive reviews with pics and video. I’ll also cover the latest general news on Android tablets including developer information like custom ROMs for different tablets. Although the Android world is fast moving I will make sure that everyone get the latest and most relevant information here.

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    Arash Soheili

    Founder & Chief Editor

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    Arash is the founder of Android Cowboy and all around tech enthusiast. His passion for technology and Android pushed him to start his own blog. He currently carries the Nexus5, Kindle Fire HDX, and Nexus 7 FHD tablet. He’s also a Google Glass explorer!!