Kindle Fire Windows 8 Driver Installation

Whenever a new operating system is released, there is the pain that things don’t work right. That is specially the case for drivers which always seem to have issue with a new system. That seems to be no exception with the Kindle Fire ADB drivers for Windows 8. But with any problem there is always a solution and today we’re going to show you how to properly install ADB drivers for the Kindle Fire HD on a Windows 8 machine.

The reason that the Kindle drivers don’t install on Windows 8 is that the signature for the file is not recognized. Previously on Windows 7 you would simply get a message and choose to continue but that has been disabled on Windows 8. So in order to install the drivers we need to do a special reboot of Windows 8. Below are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Open the charm bar and go into Settings and at the bottom click on Change PC Settings.

2. Go to the General tab and at the very bottom click on ‘Restart now’ under the Advanced startup.

3. Choose the Troubleshoot option followed by Advanced options.

4. Choose Startup settings then on next screen click on ‘restart’.

Windows 8 will now reboot and you can go ahead and install the Kindle ADB drivers. Now that drivers are installed properly you can go ahead and root your Kindle Fire HD and even install Google Play Store. Let us know if you have any questions by leaving a comment.

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Arash Soheili

Founder & Chief Editor at Android Cowboy
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