How to Recover Bricked Kindle Fire HD

So you were messing around with your Kindle Fire and things seemed to be going okay then oops the Kindle doesn’t boot up anymore. That is what we call a bricked Kindle Fire in techy language. Because you know it’s only good as a paper weight now. But don’t panic just yet because it’s not so bad. Actually it will be just fine and you can probably have that Kindle Fire looking like new in no time. All it requires is a little bit of patient and some time. So lets see how to take that brick and make it a tablet again. 

Okay, so the first question is if the tablet can be recovered. If you Kindle Fire turns on but doesn’t boot into the software and instead you get a red triangle then you are okay. If the tablet doesn’t turn on at all then you may be out of luck and truly bricked forever. But lets just say that the Kindle does turn on. To recover you’ll need to get into fastboot mode which will allow you to install the stock software. The only to do this is to use a special cable called fastboot cable. This is different from but looks similar as our normal USB cable. You can order the cable from Amazon (Kindle fastboot cable). Again this is the only way to recover your Kindle. Once you have fastboot then here is the protocol to recover.

1. Turn off your Kindle Fire then plug-in the fastboot cable and attach to PC. The Kindle will turn on and go into a screen that displays fastboot.

2. Download the KFHD Restore Tool (for KF HD 8.9 download KFHD 8.9 Restore Tool) and extract to a folder on your PC . In that folder double-click the SR Tool file.

3. Choose option 1. Be very patient till the file transfer is done as there is no progress bar.

4. When image transfer is complete you can reboot and you are recovered.

The Kindle will now boot into a rooted Kindle Fire HD running firmware version 7.3.0 which will be upgraded automatically if you are connected to WiFi. You can also manually update by downloading the latest 7.4.6 and copying to the root folder of your Kindle. Then go to setting under Device>About and tap the Update Your Kindle button. That’s it, now you have a fully stock and new looking Kindle Fire HD. That wasn’t too bad right. Now you can go back to tinkering again knowing how to recover. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

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Arash Soheili

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