How Does Google Glass Work

Since Google Glass was introduced and seen on the web and in person, many have probably wondered how the device functions. There have been some clues through videos but no confirmed information. As we get closer to Google Glass becoming a reality and in the hands of explorers that answer has come to us. Google just updated the Glass help section that discusses how the device functions.


As it was seen in some previous videos Glass functions using touch control built into the the device. From the above picture you can see that different places on the device have different functions. Touching towards the back of the device will turn the device on or off. The side of the device is for the main controls with swipe action left or right and up or down. Touching towards the front of the device will take a picture and to take a video simply by holding down on the same area.

In order to connect Google Glass to your phone you’ll need to use the MyGlass app which was just released in the Play Store. The help section also states that you’ll get a cable to charge the device along with a pouch to store Glass. You will also get a backup pair of nosepads and a pair in a larger size as well.

It’s nice to see some confirmed details on how Glass functions. But it will be much better once I get my hands on the device and get a feel for it. Now, all I need is for Google to send that information real soon.

Source: Glass Help

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