Google Glass is a Game Changer

If you haven’t heard of Google Glass yet then that’s about to change. Glass is the wearable device on your face with the ability to take pictures, video, run apps, and more. It’s finally in the hands of a few thousand people and videos are starting to pop up on YouTube and Google+. If you want to get a feel for Glass then checkout the Google+ community or the official Glass page. But as a glass explorer myself, I can’t wait till I get my hands on the device and it’s already clear that Glass is a game changer. Let me tell you why.

If you think Glass is an expensive hardware just for the geeks to wear and feel good then think again. I keep being reminded of the moment that Steve Jobs introduced the iPad and called it a “magical device. The iPad changed the mobile industry because of the form factor. Yes it was a larger iPhone but being able to hold this larger device in your hands and lap changed the way you interact with it. Now, that’s exactly the same thing with Google Glass. Yes you can take a picture or video with your phone or camera but once the device is on your face and has point of view (POV) that form factor changes everything.

Using Glass you can take natural pictures everywhere and all the time. No longer do you have to pull out your phone and point. This simple act take pictures and videos to a whole new level. The big key is also the natural way that you will take those picture. Hanging out with you friends and wanting to take some pics totally changes. You no longer need to gather around and wait for someone to take a pic. You can just naturally take those pictures while your friends are just having fun. A game changer.

And beyond pictures and video you have apps that will be totally different. Think about watching how to videos why doing something. How many times have I seen people at the gym with laptops or tablets trying to follow exercise programs. With glass it’s natural and the video is right there while you are exercising. The same can be said for cooking or having a live hangout while someone is teaching your something.

Imaging walking into the grocery store with your shopping list right there without having to take out your phone and stare down. Pick up an item and glass can automatically scan the barcode and tell you the cheapest price nearby or online. Yes you can do that with your phone as well but with Glass it’s all natural. You are just a person checking out an item rather than someone with a phone scanning barcodes.

Facial recognition and image recognition will also be huge and change things. The minute you meet someone glass can do a facial recognition and give you all available public information. It can help you connect with the person maybe finding out you went to the same school or lived nearby. The possibilities are endless and totally exciting.

Obviously there will be some bumps along the way. Privacy is a clear issue that will get worked out in time as people better understand the device. But trust me as I say that Glass is a game changer and it might not be long before you’re wearing Google Glass.

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Arash Soheili

Founder & Chief Editor at Android Cowboy
Arash is the founder of Android Cowboy and all around tech enthusiast. His passion for technology and Android pushed him to start his own blog. He currently carries the Nexus 5, Kindle Fire HDX, and Nexus 7 FHD tablet. He's also a Google Glass explorer!!