Share PC Keyboard and Mouse with Android

Android tablets have a huge potential for productivity and are getting closer to replacing our notebook computers. But one thing that makes it hard on a tablet is the touch screen keyboard that limits typing long emails or documents. Now you can certainly buy a bluetooth keyboard or a dock to solve that problem but that does cost money. A much better and cheaper solution would be if you could just use the keyboard and mouse on your current computer or notebook. Share Keyboard & Mouse does just that in a seamless way with no hassle. This is easily one of my favorite apps for my tablet.

Setting up the app on your Android and PC is super easy and I was able to be up and running in less than five minutes with no issues. Fist download and install the app on your Android and also the software on your PC. If you are connecting via WiFi you need to be on the same network and have a rooted device. If your device is not rooted then you must use the USB connection and instructions can be found here. Once on the same network then simply start the app on your PC and Android. Enter the IP address displayed on the Android app on the PC and that’s it.

Once connected you can simply drag the mouse off your current screen and onto your Android. The mouse supports touch and multi-touch with shortcuts options. You can also use your current keyboard to type instead of the on-screen touch keyboard. Text cab be copied and pasted from Android to PC and vice versa. Having mouse and keyboard on your tablet can definitely make you more productive. It’s also a nice view to have a dual screen and multitask without having to pick up your tablet and use your hands. Give the app a try and let us know what you think. I’ll definitely be using this app quite often.

Google Play Store link: Share Keyboard & Mouse

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Arash Soheili

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