Market Helper: Download Incompatible Apps from Google Play

There are tons of apps in the Google Play Store but one thing that can be very frustrating is finding out an app is not compatible with your device. Now, there may be several reasons for this¬†incompatibility. It may be that the app simply doesn’t work on your device. But most likely either the developer simply didn’t test the app on that device or has not added the proper support. In many cases those incompatible apps will fun just fine on your device. Now there an app called Market Helper that can help make apps compatible without altering your build.prop or system files.

First, you to need to have a rooted device for this app to work. You’ll need to sideload the app as it’s not available in the Google Play Store. That’ very easy to do and you can find instruction here which will work for any device. Once the app is installed simply pick your new device and wait till it is activated. After that you’ll need to simply visit Google Dashboard to allow the change to update. That’s it and you can always go back to your original device with the restore option. Let us know what you think about this app.

Download: Market Helper

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Arash Soheili

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