Relaxing Birds: Match Puzzle Game with Singing Birds

There are a lot of games both on the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore and here at Android Cowboy we try to find the best and coolest. Sometimes you want a high-end intense action game like Shadowgun and other times a casual game like Temple Run. Indeed casual are some of the most popular like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and more. I’m always on the look out for good games specially if it’s different and stands out from the crowd. Relaxing Birds definitely fits that bill as unique match puzzle game with birds.

Relaxing Birds Puzzle Game on Kindle Fire

The app puzzle board is 8 x 8 and filled with many different color birds. The premise of Relaxing Birds is fairly simple since all you have to do is match 3 color birds in any row besides diagonal. On the puzzle board you can only move a bird if it results in a 3 color match. The colors and number of matches are different for each level. As you proceed through the game more color matches must be made in higher amounts. Also when you do make matches there is the sweet sound of bird singing. I believe that’s supposed to be the relaxing part.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that you have a time limit in each level. Maybe not so relaxing after all and adds some pressure to the game.  At first it was not obvious to figure out the time limit but it’s displayed in a bar on the top left. It’s critical to the game and should be made more obvious in my opinion. That’s something the developer is working on improving for the next version. If you can’t match all the birds within the time then the game is over and you start back at the first level. There is no option to save during game play so once you start then you go as far as you can.

In the game you can earn points in several ways. There is bonus points for finishing earlier than the allotted time. If you can make multiple matches in one move it earns more points. I’m sure there is a strategy to maximize matches and points but I couldn’t figure it out. My only strategy was in cases where my desired color birds had no matches then I tried to match birds close by so the board would change. This seemed to workout well and I made good progress.

Overall the relaxing birds game is a unique and interesting match puzzle game. It’s a casual game but with enough challenges to keep you occupied. The game comes in an ad-supported version and the full version is only 99 cents. I think the price is worth it and it’s always good to support developers to continue with updates and future games. Checkout the game and let us know if it’s relaxing.

Download from the Amazon Appstore.

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