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One of the best features of using a large screen tablet is that games look better and are a lot more fun. Android tablets are slowly becoming a great gaming system with Nivida Tegra 2 and will continue to get better with improved hardware. The newly released Android 4.0 ICS should enhance gaming, specially with the use of USB game controllers. With so many games to choose from in the Android Market, here is my top list of Android tablet games. 

1. Shadowgun ($4.99)

Shadowgun is the highly anticipated action & shooter game by Madfinger Games. The game is optimized for Nvidia Tegra 2 devices only and it doesn’t disappoint. This is definitely the best graphics game on Android without any doubt. The game takes place in the year 2350 where you play the role of John Slade, the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter. The gameplay is a standard third-person shooter game with good joystick controls. As you move through the game you can hide behind barricades and objects allowing you to dodge fire and shoot back at multiple enemies. The standard enemy is the genetically-enhanced humanoids but you also encounter cyborg spiders, planes, stationary gunners, and much more. A fantastic game with a low $4.99 price and a must have for you tablet.

Full review link. Android Market link.

Shadowgun Android App

2. 9mm HD ($6.99)

Gameloft delivers a high quality shooter game on Android tablets. You play the part of John “Loose” Kannon on a special task force that doesn’t play by the rules. During game play you have action packed fighting scenes where you can kill people with all the blood and glory. The game allows you to slow down time with slow motion stunt dives so you can aim and kill effectively. This is very cool and lets you kill a room full of bad guys without taking a hit. There are several weapons of choice from pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, grenade launcher and more. There is a multiplayer option where you can play with your friends via WiFi or online in Free for All or Team Deathmatch with up to 12 players.

Full review link. Android Market link.

9mm HD Android App

3. Galaxy on Fire 2 THD ($14.99)

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space game that combines action, sci-fi, and role-playing all in one. In the game you are space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell and the galaxy is at your hands. You get to fly around and explore many different galaxies with 20 solar systems. During your exploration you will fight pirate ships, mine asteroids, escort convoys, and much more. You can access 30 different ships that you can customize with weapons, shields, and more. The game has a rich story line with missions and free play. The game is free to download and play unlimited the first solar system but it will cost $14.99 to access the rest of the game. Maybe a bit expensive but this game makes you feel like you are the captain of the Start Trek exploring space.

Full review link. Android Market link.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD Android App

4. Order & Chaos Online ($0.99 sale)

If you are looking for an online RPG game then you must get Order & Chaos on you Android tablet. The game is a real-time, full-3D MMORPG with a huge fantasy world. You are given a free 3-month subscription at first log in then it’s $0.99/month, $1.99 for 3 months or $2.99 for 6 months. You have the options of 4 races and you can choose your gender, appearance, class and talents. You can create up to 4 different characters with 1,000 skills and 2,000 pieces of equipment to discover. The graphics are great and needless to say you can play the game for many hours.  Android Market link.

Order & Chaos Online Android App

5. Riptide GP ($4.99)

Racing games are a lot of fun and Riptide is a fantastic water racing game for your Tablet. The game boasts high quality graphics with super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections, and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments. You get to race and fly through the air off waves while performing tricks and stunts. There are 12 raceways with 6 jet skis in three game modes. There is also support for the bluetooth and USB gamepad. Android Market link.

Riptide GP Android App

6. AirAttack HD ($2.99)

AirAttack HD is a top down air combat shooter game with great graphics and on of my favorite personal games. The game features 8 levels of play on easy, medium, or hard with 2 planes that includes upgrades and special weapons. The first plane has a standard shooter while the second plane adds a flame thrower as well. There are 58 different enemy types from air and ground along with huge end level bosses. If you are a fan of classic shooter games like 1942, 1943, or Siberian Strike then you will love this game.

Full review link. Android Market link.

AirAttack HD Android App

7. Guerrilla Bob THD ($3.99)

Guerrilla Bob THD is the Nvidia Tegra 2 optimized version of the app and the graphics are fantastic. This is a fast-paced shooter game with lots of enemies to destroy. You can kill with multiple weapons like machinegun, shotgun, flame thrower and much more. There are multiple games modes like story mode, survival mode, and wave attack mode depending on you skill. Alternative you can have multi-player modes from split-screen, CO-OP, and cross-platform using local Wi-Fi. You can have lots of fun playing this game by yourself or with friends. Android Market link.

Guerrilla Bob THD Android App

8. Samurai II: Vengeance THD ($2.99)

The original popular iOS game Samurai: Way of the Warrior has been succeeded by Samurai II: Vengeance and made available to Android. This version of the app has also been optimized for Nvidia Tegra devices. In the game you control Daisuke on a quest for revenge across the countryside. Along the way you get to slice and dice enemies with your samurai sword using deadly combinations. The fighting can be intense and sometimes overwhelming with waves of enemies at different skill levels. But that’s the fun because you get to kill, decapitate, and slice in half your enemies with slow motion enhancement at times. A hack and slash game that you can enjoy for many hours.

Full review link. Android Market link.

Samurai II: Vengeance THD Android App

9. Words With Friends (free)

If you’re a huge scrabble fan and love kicking your friends in the battle of the words, then you must download Words With Friends. Thee game is very similar to scrabble where the person who has the most points after the pool of 100 tiles wins. What really makes this game fun is that you can play against your friends online via contact list, Facebook or the game can also select random opponents. So the pool of competition seems to be limitless. A great scrabble type game with a social aspect and great fun.

Full review link. Android Market link.

Words With Friends Android App

9. Cordy ($1.99)

Cordy is a 3D puzzle platform game in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog. You are the little robot and you have to run, jump, pull, push, and more as you solve puzzles along the way. The game features great graphics and fast gameplay. The game provides 4 levels for free and 27 levels once you purchase. Android Market link.

Cordy Android App

10. Pinball HD for Tegra ($2.99)

Gameprom has unleashed the next generation of pinball optimized for Nvidia Tegra 2 devices. This is not your regular pinball game as it features realistic play and beautiful 3D graphics. You have 3 theme styled tables from Wild West, The Deep, and Jungle Style – each with its own genre and mission system. You can play casual or go for it all if you’re a hardcore gamer but either way you will have lots of enjoyment and fun. Android Market link.

Pinball HD for Tegra

Honorable Mentions

Angry Birds (free): The game that went viral and took the mobile world by storm.

Fruit Ninja THD ($3.03): The original fruit slicing game and even better on a tablet.

Cut the Rope ($0.99): The little monster Om Nom is hungry so cut the rope and feed him.

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