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IndieBound Reader: A Great Addition To Your Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was released in November and billed as the most affordable eReader ever. Its $199 price tag was certainly a surprise to anyone who was used to looking at Apple’s $500 iPad 2 with wistful greed. The Fire’s eReader capabilities are almost as great as its price, and one of the best apps out there has to be the IndieBound Reader app.

The IndieBound Reader is a sideloaded app that allows users to purchase books from more than just the Amazon Bookstore. You can search for any independent bookseller by zip code and name and, for the most part, find the store you’re looking for. Its huge database of independent booksellers is unbelievable and makes supporting independent and small businesses a cinch.

The app takes advantage of a partnership between Google eBooks and independent bookstores all over the country to connect buyers and sellers. Choose your bookstore, log into your Google account, search their collection of eBooks, and download it directly to your mobile device. One of the greatest features about this app is that because Google eBooks is cloud-based, you can read your eBook on your Android phone, your computer, your Kindle, or other eReader.

The app comes from Green Apple Books in San Francisco, who have been around since 1967. Green Apple Books is the apps default store, but you can set it to whatever location you want. I use Austin’s BookPeople as my go-to store.

The app’s layout is extremely simple and does not look too crowded with information. The search menu is very similar to Google’s and allows you to search by keyword, author, title and an array of other options. Results can be displayed by popularity, publish date, and alphabetical order.

The one drawback I found was extremely minor and can be fixed with a few keystrokes. In order to download the app, you must enable sideloading of apps in the settings of your Kindle. This is a quick and painless procedure that will allow the app to be installed on your device. For instructions see the following page from Ubergizmo.

This app has been great for me. It’s a fantastic purchase for anyone who loves reading and wants to keep jobs and money in their local community by supporting local business.

Download the app from the Android Market.

About the Author: Margot is a guest blogger and technophile who loves playing around with the most cutting-edge tech toys. She also considers herself an expert on how to get a deal with an HP coupon.

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