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Detective Grimoire Review

Detective Grimoire
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Android devices might not lend themselves to every type of game – I’m still not convinced about any FPS game on Android – but one thing you can do with your fingers is point and click (ok, touch and tap perhaps, but you get where this is going).

One of the finest examples of point and click games out on Android at the moment is Detective Grimoire by SFB Games.

The sentence builder is great fun and shows off the vocals.

You play the role of Detective Grimoire, a slightly weather beaten officer of the law, who is assigned to the murder of an owner of a remote, and unlikely, tourist attraction. Along the way you have to find clues, solve puzzles and ultimately discover the murderer.

The graphics are gorgeous, and really make the most of phone or tablet. They have been designed by Catherine Unger who also worked on Haunt The House, again for SFB Games, which won Best Game over at the TIGA Games Industry Awards in 2013. Often in device based point and click games the click points are hard to get, or the interface gets in the way of the game. With Detective Grimoire the graphics are large enough to be finger friendly. The interface also allows you to change between point and click and move. This means that there isn’t any unnecessary interface clutter, making the graphic really shine.

More noticeable even than the fantastic graphics is the amazing audio work. At the start of the game is an appeal to wear headphones to really appreciate the sound, and you really should. The voiceover work is fantastic with well acted characters and a really well suited soundtrack. The soundtrack is even available separately if you want to listen when you aren’t playing.

Conversation options are unlocked as new clues are found

I have a real passion for finding out more about those small developers who make all these great games and apps that we all use day in and day out and it’s great to see SFB Games putting the credits right at the start of the game. It’s clear why they give such credit to the creators of the soundtrack and the actors doing the voice-over, it’s because they made the game what it is.

Whatever this games costs in your country, you need to go and buy it so we can support such great small development studios. With no in-app-purchases, great graphics, superb gameplay and ear smacking audios, why wouldn’t you buy this?


Oliver Marshall
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