Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.6

Firmware 7.4.9
This root also works on firmware 7.4.9 as tested and confirmed by user.

Recently Amazon released new 7.4.6 firmware for the Kindle Fire HD 7. As usual this update will cause you to lose root access if you were previously rooted. But luckily the previous root method is still working on this update as well. The instructions are similar to before and can be found below along with the video instructions. If you have any problems or questions please leave a comment at the end of the article.

Please be advised that you are solely responsible for your Kindle Fire HD and any modifications that you perform.
  1. Download the latest Binary Method v35 (link) and unzip to a folder on your computer.
  2. Uninstall any drivers you have for the Kindle Fire as this is very important. Connect your Kindle to the PC via USB. Go to >Device Manager >Portable Devices. Right click on Kindle and choose Properties. Go to Driver and pick uninstall. Unplug the Kindle From the PC.
  3. Install Kindle Fire ADB drivers (download).
  4. On your Kindle Fire go to setting then >Security options and choose Enable ADB on (pic).
  5. Connect your Kindle to the computer via USB. Wait till automatic installation completes and Kindle is recognized.
  6. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the previous Binary Method and double click the RunMe.bat file and choose option 1.
  7. You should see an option to backup your data. This is not necessary. Choose do not backup and hit the enter key on the PC.
  8. If it works, on your Kindle you should see the option for restore. Tap the Restore My Data button followed by the enter key. This will not erase any data or files so don’t worry.
  9. The Kindle will reboot and will be very sluggish. That’s okay. Keep it plugged in the computer. Unlock the device. After a some time it will reboot again.
  10. The Kindle will now behave normal and you will be rooted. Go to apps and there should now be a Superuser app (pic). That’s it, your are rooted.

Now that you are rooted here are instructions for installing the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire HD. It’s also highly recommended that you update the superuser app to SuperSU right away.

The root program will look like the below pic if run completely successfully. Also, be sure to checkout the rooting video below as well.


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