Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD Without Rooting

Although the Kindle Fire is a great device with access to Amazon services the major drawback is that it omits Google completely. Technically you don’t have access to the Google Play Store along with all the great Google apps like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and more. But with Android you can usual get around those issues with rooting your device. But if you are worried about losing your warranty then that’s not an option. Luckily you can still access many of Google’s apps without needing to root. Just takes a couple of minutes of your time and following some easy instructions.

In order to install Google apps on the Kindle Fire you’ll need to simply sideload some apps. This does not require root and in no way voids your warranty. You can find general instructions on sideloading app here. Once you are familiar with those instructions then you can head on over to the XDA site (link) which has all the required files and instructions.

You’ll need to first install the GoogleLoginService.apk file which will allow you to login to Google apps. After rebooting your device, simply install your desired Google apps. Some of the Google apps are part of the zip file that you download at the site. If you need other Google apps then those can be had using the instructions here. Then simply start YouTube or any of the other apps which will automatically take you to the Google Account Manager for sign in. After that you are all done.If you need further help please leave a comment or head on over to the Kindle Fire Community on Google+ and post your question. Everyone is there to help others get the most out of their Kindle Fire. Good luck and happy Googling on your Kindle Fire.

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Arash Soheili

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