MoDaCo Gr5 (6.2.2): Kindle Fire Custom Rom Review (Update: 6/14 – Gr9)

The Kindle Fire is a great hardware at a fantastic price but with some limitation. One major issue is the custom Android software with access only to the Amazon Appstore. But this is not really a problem since rooting the Kindle is available for the latest 6.2.2 software. Once rooted the Kindle Fire can access the Android Market and all other Google apps. I have rooted my Kindle Fire and have tested many of the top games and apps from the Android Market. I’m really impressed with the hardware and surprised how well it does with high graphic games. Rooting is the only way to get the most out of the Kindle Fire and get a full experience. But as usual disclaimer, your warranty will be void and it’s at your own risk. With that out of way, now go ahead and root already!

Modaco Gr5 ROM

A major advantage with a rooted Kindle Fire is the ability to install custom ROM of your choice. I’ve tested a few ROMs over the last month including ICS ROMs. It’s exciting to see ICS on the Kindle Fire but they are all alpha or beta and have enough issues to make them difficult for everyday. I think a stable ICS ROM is not too far and it will make the Kindle Fire one of the best devices running Android 4.0 at a fraction of the cost of other devices. But until that happens you’ll want a stable ROM as a daily driver and I would recommend Modaco Gr5.

The Modaco ROM gives the advantage of a stock Kindle Fire look and feel but with complete customization. The ROM is built to make the Kindle Fire look as a Galaxy Tab to the Android Market which increase app compatibility. This is really important since many of the apps will work on the Kindle Fire despite the Android Market compatibility checker. There is  always the option of sideloading an app in cases where the Market won’t let you download. The ROM also give access to the Amazon Appstore and other Amazon services except video which there is an easy workaround.

Modaco Gr5 ROM

In case that you are not a fan of the Amazon interface you can download your favorite launcher. This gives the advantage of being able to switch between a third-party launcher and Amazon. I tend to switch to the Amazon launcher when I want to use Amazon services but go back to my own launcher for most other usage. There are many launchers in the Android Market including ICS themed that gives the look and feel of Android 4.0 ICS.

Overall the Modaco Gr5 is very stable and fast ROM as a daily driver. I would highly recommend this ROM if you want a stable stock look but with the ability to change and customize. When installing any ROM always remember to a make a nandroid backup of the current software in case there are any problems. Checkout the links below for the ROM and rooting. Feel free to comment or send me a personal message if you have any question.

Updated on June 14th to [Modaco Gr9 ROM]

[Rooting Guide]

Modaco Gr5 ROM

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